Knee replacements surgeries are far more advanced than they used to be. Patients don’t need to stay in hospital beds for weeks. Instead, they can now walk very soon after the procedure.

Advantages of Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery has both outpatient and inpatient options. We will focus on the advantages of doing outpatient surgery. Here’s a partial list:

1.   Recovering at Home

You will be able to fully recover in the comfort of your home.  The body will recuperate faster in a familiar area where it can get enough sleep and relaxation.

2.   Reduce the Chance of an Infection

Spending less time in hospitals or public areas reduces the chance of an infection. There are many sick patients in the hospital. Avoiding “superbugs” and other potential sources of infection can be extremely beneficial post-surgery.

3.   Fewer Blood Transfusions

The outpatient knee replacement surgical technique is less likely to require blood transfusions. One method is with the use tranexamic acid (TXA) antifibrolytic medication, which it is better-optimized for the patient, reducing the need for interoperative and postoperative blood transfusions.

4.   It is Not as Painful

After other surgical procedures, patients often need an infusion pump to administer pain killers or other medications, or are prescribed opioids. For an outpatient surgery we have many other options, including an analgesic technique known as a pain block, which temporarily blocks sensation to the knee area.

5.   Flexible Schedules in a Unique Environment

Your outpatient surgery will be scheduled at the ambulatory surgery center at the DOC.  It’s a state-of-the art surgical facility with an amazing staff in a convenient location.  If you’ve ever been to the hospital, you’ll immediately notice the difference in environment and special attention.



To know if this type of surgery is the correct option for you, speak with your physician at the Doral Orthopedic Center. Your doctor is accompanied by a team of professionals who will do their best to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Anyone on staff will be happy to tell you more about knee replacement surgery.


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