Calling all daughters, sons, and concerned grandkids!

With social distancing, decreased travel, and quarantines in place, many of our parents and grandparents are not getting the attention they need.

We put together 3 tips from the healthcare workers at OrthoNOW.

      1. Telemedicine is great for diagnosing pain.
        OrthoNOW is offering a telemedicine visit during the pandemic for only $25. Patients are pleasantly surprised at the ability to get help via a one-on-one video appointment with an orthopedic expert.  Go to com
      2. Get an iPad in their hands.
        Not only is it great for telemedicine, but also for getting them set up on Facebook, which is a great way to stay in touch.  It’s the perfect device for elderly or anyone struggling with technology.   There are less expensive options that work too.  The key point here is to set it up before handing it over.  Here’s a 6 minute read from Medium that will help:
      3. Send them some fresh food.
        Sometimes stubbornness is directly proportional to age! To keep Abuelo from eating a bunch of expired food in the pantry, try a Google search near his home for grocery delivery.  Or try Buddy System Miami, a nonprofit food delivery service for elderly or housebound neighbors started in March by Kristin Guerin with her friend Jessica Gutierrez.

    “People are not talking about the peripheral consequences of the pandemic particularly to the elderly,” said Dr. Alejandro Badia, Chief Medical Officer of OrthoNOW and orthopedic surgeon at the Doral Orthopedic Center. Telemedicine is a perfect option for many problems.

    “I saw a patient last week who had not pursued care for her diabetic finger infection due to fear of the hospital.” Her daughter pursued medical attention, which subsequently required emergency surgery at the Surgery Center at Doral at the Doral Orthopedic Center.

    Dr. Badia was forced to amputate much of her finger. But the follow-up appointment went very well. “I saw her yesterday and she looked terrific. We caught it in time as she could’ve gotten septic and died. The bone infection called osteomyelitis had already eaten completely the distal phalanx at the tip of her finger.”

    If you know of an elderly person complaining of pain or discomfort, please seek help now. We’ve got options.

    Telemedicine with an orthopedic specialist!


    Call DoralDOC at (305) 537-7272 to learn more or make an appointment today!

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