Low back pain has always been a major complaint by most orthopedic patients. However, in recent years, neck pain has also been on the increase. This can be attributed partly to the excessive use of mobile phones.

Also called text or tech neck, this term is commonly associated with texting, but it can be related to many activities performed on phones and tablets while looking downward, such as surfing the web, playing games, or doing work.

Prolonged use of mobile devices may cause strain on their necks

Many people today are constantly using a mobile device with the head bent downward and not moving. That applies excessive strain to your spine. As you continue to use your mobile phone, you are likely to develop poor postures involving the head, neck and shoulders.

Your head contributes a substantial portion of your total weight when in a neutral position above your shoulders. When you lean forwards, that weight causes pressure on your spine, which may cause spinal misalignments.

Technology is good, but its usage can be harmful.

While using your mobile device may not be harmful, overusing it may have far-reaching effects. In some cases, the excessive forward head posture may exacerbate or accelerate degenerative conditions in the cervical spine, such as cervical degenerative disc disease and/or cervical osteoarthritis.

Could Overusing My Mobile Phone Cause Neck Pain?

You can avoid neck pain by adopting better phone habits.

  • First, try to hold your phone higher when using it. That minimizes the amount of strain due to leaning forward. Adopting a good posture while using the phone will ensure you suffer less pain.
  • Secondly, try to limit your phone/tablet use to necessary tasks. The less time you spend on the phone, the lesser the impact and strain on the neck. Thus, you will be able to avoid neck soreness and pain.
  • Lastly, you need to stretch your neck muscles from time to time. After spending time hunched over your phone, you need to take time to stretch and relax your neck muscles. That helps relieve the soreness and pain.

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