Ambulatory surgery centers are offering patients access to minimally invasive procedures at reduced costs, but with the same level of care and facilities as seen in hospital settings.  And because the level of expertise and customer service often exceeds the hospital, many are turning to these facilities. Minimally invasive surgery is one of the most common procedures that are performed in these ambulatory centers, often allowing patients to return home on the same day and make a speedy recovery. Your surgeon will use techniques that limit the size and number of cuts, or incisions, that they need to make. It’s typically considered safer than open surgery.

What Does Minimally Invasive Surgery Consist of at Ambulatory Centers?

There are different types of minimally invasive surgical procedures that can be used to assist in the treatment of conditions. Microsurgery is one particular field of interest in these practices. This field involves procedures where precision tools are used, along with advanced scopes, in order to provide a more technologically advanced procedure. Advances in microsurgery often mean that patients may avoid amputation.

Microsurgery often involves one of three goals:

  1. To transplant tissue, usually from one part of the patient’s body to another part; or
  2. To reattach parts of body tissue that had previously been damaged.
  3. To insert devices or prosthetics.

This type of procedure can be used to effectively repair nerves that have been damaged, as well as blood vessels. Complex infections affecting bones and soft tissue can also be managed effectively through microsurgery. Microvascular transplantation is another potential procedure that may be utilized within the field of microsurgery.  Minimally invasive reconstructive procedures are also employed for arthritic problems, birth defects, and other non-traumatic problems musculoskeletal system.

Arthroscopy at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Another common minimally invasive surgery that is often performed at these centers is known as arthroscopy.  Arthroscopy is a type of endoscopic surgery which allows the surgeon to view and work inside a joint within the patient’s body. It’s all done via a small incision.

The procedure is used to provide three specific outcomes related to joint diseases and symptoms:

  • To visualize the internal structure of the joint
  • To diagnose a problem that may be present inside the joint
  • To provide adequate treatment for the diagnosis that was made

An orthopedic surgeon is needed to perform the arthroscopy. Fortunately, an ambulatory surgery center can give patients access to these specialist surgeons. A small instrument is placed into the area where the joint is located after an incision was made in the patient’s skin.

A lighting system, along with a lens, is attached to the instrument. This allows the surgeon to get a better view of what is going on in the joint that is presenting symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used as an initial diagnostic tool, reducing the need for larger incisions. In turn, recovery time is faster, and a diagnosis can be made to help the patient understand what treatments would assist in reducing their symptoms.

Laparoscopy at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Another type of endoscopic surgery is laparoscopy, where gallbladders are resected and uterine surgery is performed, among other procedures.  Laparoscopic gallbladder removal is a minimally invasive surgery to remove an inflamed gallbladder via a small incision in the belly.  This could be indicated by gallstones in gallbladder or bile duct.  Very specialized tiny tools are inserted through these minimally invasive incisions, and the gallbladder is removed.

This procedure is known as laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  If you surgeon recommends this procedure is can be performed at the Surgery Center at Doral.


Ambulatory surgery centers offer patients access to a wide range of procedures. While the costs are lower, the level of care and the access to facilities often exceed what the patient would obtain in a hospital. Microsurgery is a relatively popular area of expertise offered at an ambulatory surgery center. Minimally invasive surgery reduces the recovery time and may also help to lower the risk of complications, compared to larger and more invasive procedures.


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