Specialty Overview

Occupational therapy is the field of medicine where treatment is prescribed to help patients return to meaningful activities.  The difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy is that occupational therapy goes beyond getting a patient to move — but to move in specific ways or settings to perform activities of their daily life.

The aging population is one cause of increased demand in Occupational Therapists.  The Occupational Therapists at the DOC are skilled and trained in providing treatment and consultation to those with a physical constraint in being able to do their job.

Under the guidance of a occupational therapist, the patient can recover from injury and regain skills needed to do their job or participate in other important activities.   Activities could include work or play or just daily activities like dressing, cooking, eating, and driving.

The occupational therapist at the DOC use leading-edge methods of enabling participation in life, with an understanding of body structures and functions.  Therapists examine many aspects of a patient’s life, including physical, emotional, and environmental components.

Watch this video from the American Occupational Therapy Association for touching stories and more information about how occupational therapy can change your life:

The above video includes the story of Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky, survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, and how they’ve benefitted from occupational therapy, equipping them with a myriad of tools and skills that help them reclaim their lives. 

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