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Specialty Overview

Sports medicine involves the treatment of injuries resulting from athletic activities. A physician who practices sports medicine focuses on sports-related medical services.   The sports medicine physicians at the DOC have surgical training as orthopedic surgeons, ensuring the best possible treatment protocol for patients.

Sports medicine conditions affect the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, or elbow.  And while the physicians at the DOC treat competitive athletes, sports medicine serves anyone with an injury or pain who would like to be more active than their condition allows.

Examples of sports medicine include:

  • Rotator cuff repairs

  • Tennis elbow release

  • Achilles tendon injury repairs

  • Hip arthroscopy

  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

  • …and many more

Treatment can include bracing, medication, casting, injections, physical therapy, or when necessary, surgery of the affected joint.

Sports medicine rehab includes practical management skills for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries arising from sport and physical activity. It includes all the necessary skills to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries in the physically active person.

For example, an ankle sprain is a common sports injury, particularly for basketball, tennis, football, field sports or outdoor adventure sports. Athletes will often try to play through their pain, or get back into their sport too quickly after a sprain.  This can increase the risk of re-injury. Knowing when to rest and how to rehabilitate your joint can help you recover more completely and improve your chances again re-injury. If you have an ankle sprain it is important to act quickly. The urgent care center at the DOC can help you get on the road to recovery, but also ensure the recovery process follows protocol.

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