The idea of undergoing a surgical procedure usually brings up the thought of being admitted to a hospital. This is how things have been for many decades now, as surgeons are available to perform a variety of surgical procedures on patients at these medical facilities.

As technology has become more advanced and the medical industry is growing, however, many smaller facilities have started to pop up across the country, expanding the reach of essential health care services to the population.

In the last few years, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of ambulatory surgery centers throughout the United States. Many believe that the rise of these centers are helping people gain access to better health care services, while also ensuring individuals have more options to choose from when determining where they wish to undergo a particular surgical procedure.

The Advantages Offered by Ambulatory Surgery Centers

As the number of these health care centers increases throughout the United States, we are seeing many top surgeons in the country leave their positions at hospitals and start to provide surgical services at smaller same-day surgery facilities. There is a reason why professional surgeons are starting to adopt the idea of these surgery centers.

When a patient decides to visit an ambulatory surgery center, it means they will be able to obtain a more personalized and specialized experience, compared to a visit to a hospital. These centers are often very specialized – for example, a center may only have some of the top orthopedics – this provides patients with specialized surgical solutions for bone and joint related disorders.

While there was early concern regarding the overall safety and quality of surgical services offered by an ambulatory surgery center, studies have already proved the opposite is true. For example, one study published in the Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons found that the results obtained from surgical procedures conducted in a hospital compared to those performed at one of these specialized centers are really the same. And, the patients who had undergone treatment at a smaller ambulatory surgery center had no additional risks carried by the procedure itself. Thus, not only are these centers effective and safe, but they also offer patients faster and easier access to top surgeons who are often able to act quickly upon the need for surgery.


The increase in the number of ambulatory surgery centers throughout the United States is now giving more patients timely access to quality health care services and surgical solutions. These centers are often able to provide outpatient surgical services and are sometimes able to assist a patient on the same day as the referral that has been provided for surgery. The level of customer service is higher, and the risks for complications is lower.  Many of the country’s top surgeons are moving out of hospitals and rather now serve patients in these smaller, more specialized centers.



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